i have had truble from my legs and joits for years and my bowels but recently was when i founed out about this condison was when i founed my reall dad on line about 4 moths ago and when i told him about my syptons he then discribed the pain and all the other probles iv had and then told me he had fibromyalger and told me that it souneds like i have the same and then told me that one of my youner brothers also has it now i no u carnt dignose it with a blood test but i am sick of it in oain 24/7 takeing that meany pills carnt remmber what dose what anymore iv told my doc about this and she dont seem to be bothers and i an no further forword on this can anyone help me please

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  • sounds like you need to find a doctor that will listen ! i would change from them to another x

  • I was frustrated and depressed for years and then changed my Dr..never looked back. Change your Dr, look for a younger dr and one that if possible has some training in Muscular skeletal / Rheumatology areas. You can ring all your local surgeries and leave a message for drs that you are looking for a dr with wider experience in these areas. i did and found a gem..Good luck xx

  • thank you i will do that thanks :)

  • yes hun change yr doctor it sounds like u haveFM ,good luck soft hugs xxx

  • Hi there MrsHazell, so sorry to hear how you are feeling. There is help out there, sometimes it isn't easy to find at the beginning and we experience a few hurdles to say the least. It's hard isn't it to keep pounding on doors asking for help when people don't acknowledge how you feel. Reading the other comments I agree that you need a second opinion because clearly your GP isn't realising the pain you are in and how you are feeling. If you can see another Doctor at your practice I would suggest doing this first, failing that see if you can register with another GP or ask if your current GP would refer you to see a Rheumatologist or Neurologist. You didn't mention if you are on any medications to help you with your pain etc?! It sounds like you have been through such a lot lately you poor thing, I hope you get the help and support you need from a Doctor soon, please let us know how you get on. We are always here for each other to help in any way we can, take care. :) :)

  • thank you all for ur comment i will be changing my doc thank you all so much :):)

  • I hope you find the right doctor soon. try and keep smiling, even though I know how awful you must be feeling. Don't give up.

    Take care of you xxx

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