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hi everyone i am a new member and have fibro for more than 5 years only got diagnosed when i moved no one else wanted to know has anyone else found the same. i am on numerous medication. They tried steroid injection but found i coild not have them due to side effects i have now found their is several medications i cannot use. I have over the last few months forgetting things i even forgot my grandchildrens names they think its a game. I have gone to put milk in the washing machine cereals box in the plate rack daft things like that has anyone else suffered like this.thanks for listening.

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Hi and welcome, i've only been here a few weeks, i think you'll find that your just like the rest of us here and a lot that happens is not unusual for FM just look at some of the other blogs, however dont let the Dr's put everything in the Fibro box and persevere with your instincts, good thing about us here is lots of experiance and support. My memory is really worrying me and that stressing me out makes it worst, its "normal" for FM but i use Vit B12 see, i harp on about it but its really helped me, my mum and my 11yr old.

Best of luck xx


Sounds about right cant remember peoples names, put things

in the wrong places, and go to say things and some thing else

comes out of your mouth not related to the conversation

cant remember if you have taken your medication although

you are standing with the packet in your hand, you try to read

a book but cant remember the page you have just read.

And people look at you as if you have lost your mind, but you

must admit that some of the things that you do are funny you

have to think so other wise you would not cope with this nasy

thing we have.

Dont worry to much because it will make it worse.

take care viv


Hi sponge , mmm sounds about right for fm, i thought id got dementia until i came on here , like you say viv we have to laugh at ourselves , x


Hi sponge,

Its lovely to meet you. :)

I find this site helps me so much and there is always someone on here. It has good info and support and i really keeps me saine, as all my friends just dont understand.

hugs, kel xxx


hi sponge,i too feel like iv got dementia!im forgetfull,put things in wrong places cant contentrate,i get so i want to scream at times!my dr.laughed&said its the pills,but its not nice,iv got a neroligist in june so see wot he says!i think its the FB im afraid!hugs x


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