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my body has decided to rebel again

hi everyone

i have just done a few jobs around the house and my body is screaming at me i am trying to pack things to store them and i`m managing to do a little bit each day but again today i have an acute sense of smell which is making me feel nauseous i think i might get a migraine again does anyone else get an acute sense of smell i also get the flashing spots but the smell of everything even my laundry is overwhelming i`m going to end up in bed again although i haven't slept properly for over a week my gp want to take me off zopiclone (additive sleeping pills) i would rather be addicted to them as opposed to sleep deprivation so i have an appt to see him on the 16th hopefully i will remember to take my list when i see him lol last time i went i forgot my list and couldn't remember all i wanted to discuss with him so i`m now going to take my laptop and go to bed with a hot water bottle for the pain in my neck and shoulders my head is too heavy today.

sorry to write such a depressing blog

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its not depressing ,and its better to get it off your chest isnt it ,

well i hope you rest and feel a bit better later hugs to you xxx


Hi Lyn

I find i am having the opposite effect i seem to be losing my sense of smell.

But i get bad migraines, the works, sickness, flashing lights hypersensitivity for light etc.

Definately take your list lol. But i agree with you, i dont care what the docs say i rather be addicted to something if it helps that be deprived of sleep.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

gentle hugs xx


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