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doctors good or bad

so went and saw new doctor he seamed ok however all i managed to get was a new ear drop.

propranolol tab and sumatriptan to help with the bad headaches he says migrines im saying like hell i can live with a migraine these are completely different, as for the xrays on my right shoulder and neck i didnt get anywere but i did leave my list with him so who knows he might do it with out me knowing lol i wishing on a star got to go back in a month or 2 if tabs aint working the fact he only gave me 1 month supply it looks like i ll be going back in a month, when i mentioned fibro he said oh thats not good it could be a problem so thought at least he knows what it is. any way thats my rant im now fibro fogged and in pain after going to and from banks doctors and perscription cant remember what numbers are for what and couldnt even remember my address thankfully my 9 year old was with me and she knew what it was then had great pleasure taking the mickey out of me for forgetting and letting everyone know bless her

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oh blimey, you have had a hell of a day Tracy. Hopefully this doc will eventually help when you get back to him in a month. Write your address and some emergency numbers on a piece of paper or on your mobile and keep them in your bag...hopefully somewhere not too hard to find should you forget where you put them. Big hugz xxxx


Not had a good day by the sound of it Tracy.

Could be to your daughters advantage this fibrofog though!!. Good job she was with you bless her.

Take care, Angela xx


Hope things work out for you Tracy and as you say you will be seeing your GP sooner if he has only given you a months worth of meds, don't forget to book another appt to see him.

Soft Hugs

Sue x x x


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