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morning fibro freinds

what a day yesterday woke up with stuffed noise amd feeling ill .had apptment at hospital with fracture clinci going to take the plaits and pins out of ankle in next 3 months ,then strailed to doc for blood results but only to be told they didnt do all of them so here i go again back 3rd time .

got bone densty scan results now got ostioarthrites in hips to had all the other problems iv got .well now got to tablets for that for the rest of my life ,

sat in bed with a head cold and virouse.with computer,lemon sips,,hankys ,oilbus oil .and a body whats hurting like hell ,

iv shut the outside world out for today ,

all have a good day if possible

hugs to u all .

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Blimey, sound like you need a good (gentle) hug, a dose of brandy and a bit of night nurse! Sorry to hear you have Osteo...I have too in all my joints and it hurts like hell. It sounds like you have made the right decidion to stay in bed and look after yourself. Try and sleep and get some rest. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and make you feel brighter in yourself. xxxx :)


oh dear bless you . you are going through it ayt the minuite arent you , i hope you are soon on the mend gentle hugs to you didldle x



I am sorry you are suffering, i hope you opick up soon hun, you take care and rest, hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Tinkerbell,

know exactly what you are talking about, sorry you are having a tough week, when I deteriorate and cannot function I comfort myself by saying that I will ride this today and I will have a better day tomorrow, tomorrow I might not have a better day but I know that I'm going in the right direction to get into a more managable space. Do not fight what is going on, try to go with the flow of it which is easier as fighting it takes up energies that you have not got to spend. wishing you a better day tomorrow



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