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I eventuallty got up after 10 mins of stretching out my bones lol i say lol because what else can i do or say ???

i think i thought then this is only a temporary thing that a couple more weeks and i will start to go back to how i was

in a way it was sometimes better when i werent diagnosed and was ignorant to the illness as then i just brushed every sympton of and put it down to somethig else and although i was worried about some of the symptons it was also ok too as i didnt know this is a PERMANENT illness so i just got on with things and just wrote things down

it is sometimes like the saying says IGNORANT IS BLISS !

But then on the up side to it i would not have met you all so that is a bonus

i just wish sometimes i had my old life back but i suppose then it is the case with anyone who has a long term condition,

so i suppose what i gotta say is

THIS IS ME !!!!!!!!!

love diddle x

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same for me diddle this is me since 1996 this demond has been with me so just have to stay with it on a day to day basis :-) and work it out still rant now and then :-( soft hugs ))))) Allan x


Hi Diddle, your right, some times knowing is worse. Ive only known ive got fibro for 6 months. So its all new to me. Oh how i wish i could turn the clock back a few yrs. But at least we are not alone. We all have each other. Thank goodness :) hugs hun love Helen xx


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