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another migrain

hey if anyone read my blog yesterday will no i have cluster migrains i went to the gp yesterday and got migrain tablets changed but i now feel another migrain coming on at th moment im going to take my dog for a short walk and come back take more tablets and will probablly end up in bed again it wouldnt be so bad but im certain my gp didnttell me how to take them i read briefly how to take them but i need to read it properly as i dont think i took em right yesterday but y is it printed so small its painful to read even without the need for close work glasses lol

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HI Lyn_elliott,

You could try rigining the Pharmacy which dipensed the medication, they can access your records and should be able to tell you the directions which were given by your GP on the prescription.

Hope you get it sorted out.

Soft hugs,

Sue x x x x


Hello Lyn,

Hope you feel a bit better now. My dr found a blood vessel in my head was firing almost constant migrains and I was put on beta blockers Propranalol every day. This has reduced the migrains to a bare mimimum (much to my relief) if you can its better to prevent them than treat them, not always possible I know! The writing on the instructions is always ridiculously small especially considering that most people will be trying to read them with the start of a migrain.Phone the pharmasist and write it on the box ready for the next time.

Gentle hug. Lizzy xx


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