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feeling good noooooooo !!!!!

no i dont feel good as in my fibro and this silly swelling and everythink that goes with fibro

but today i am saying put a smille on your face :) and see if that helps

the rain is sooo bad its cold but i will smille :)

waiting for dla to get back but i will smille :)

my feet feel like they are going to pop but i will smille :)

i am on my own as hubby in work but i will smille :)

the iorning needs doing as it is getting sooo big in the bascit but i will smille :)

i am in sooo much pain but i will smille :)

and why you ask do i smille as i am trying pull myself together ,

so hay this is my way of doing it and now one can say i don't try to do things to help myself

i am i am smilleing :) so if you try and people say why are you smileing just say this is my way of trying to make myself better and ask them to try it for themselfs

and see if that makes them feel better and if they say no

then look them in the eye and say now you now that when people say buck your self up it does not work for them so why should you be any different .

but hay just for us have a smille day maybe not to day maybe not tomorow but one day make it a smille day good look

and soft hugs from me to you xoxoxoxox kath

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thanks jules they are needed today :)

but i will smile no mater what :)

i will smile :)

but maybe just for to day :) and the thing is it workes just a very small bit :)

but anythink is better than non :) hay if it whant kill you then why not try :)

soft huggs to you :)

and to you all :) :) :) :) :)


:):):):):):):):):):):):) love to you too xxxxxx:):):):) love diddle x


oh they were meant to be smiley faces they normally turn to them but not today lol :)


aw get well soon kath xxxxx if you need a chat you have my number love x


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