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I got this thing that everytime i wake up its there

i ask it to leave but it wont

I go to sleep and wake up and its still there

i dont know where it came from

i dont know where it s going

I have tried to get rid of it but no its adament its staying

It changes its mood every day

It travels around my body

and decides on which bit it wants to stay

It makes me so i cant live my life

The pain it causes shoots through me like a blade on a knife

I try to take things to keep it at bay

But i think with this stranger its here to stay

Where it came from i will never know

but its presence in me it really does show

So it looks like this stranger is here to stay

This dam fibromyalgia is not going away

love to you all Diddle x

4 Replies

very good diddle ,its very early to be that poetic isnt it ,but then youve probably been up ages havnt you bless you

have a good day :) love and hugs xxxxx


good morning been up 2 half hours i do write poems sometimes just have to be in mood they jus come to me lol no end to my talents lol only joking have a good day i got pain still no surprise there may see my daughter and grandsons today you enjoy your day awful weather again wind and rain here love diddle xxx


oh dear if you have the bad weather already that means it will get here school run time :(

your are a clever diddle ,i couldnt write a poem if my life depended on it lol :)

im having a really bad flare at mo , just cant shake it

but heyho we trundle on dont we ,

have a good day diddle xxxx


well in the last hour r the sunis now out and bits of blue sky and no rain just wind so i dont know perhaps i have sent the rain to you lol hope you just get in from the school run before it starts and yeah bad flare but hay ho carry on a we do what else can you doo lol love diddle xxx


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