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Help with stress-related flares

I'm having a mega flare at the moment - it's all over, but worst in my left leg and have had to go back to using a stick. I'm pretty sure it's stress related and I am wondering what you all do to try and destress. I've nowhere to go with my meds at the moment and need a non-medicated way to reduce my pain - any ideas? I'm begging . . .


Spirit x x x

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my legs are so bad today and my feet its the first time ive used a stick , i just rest and use wheat bags and hot towels. hope you feel better in the morning . gentle hugsx


Thanks Rosehip - sucks really doesn't it - now have pain in my wrist from leaning on the stick lol

Just off to bed - electic blanket and 2 hot water bottles at the ready :D

Hope you are feeling better in the morning too.


I've been going for a massage every 2 weeks, it helps me to relax :) x


Get some epsom salts, they are very cheap and can be found at any drug store or pharmacy. Wal-mart even.

2 heaping handfuls in a bath and 20 mins will do you wonders. Epsom salt relieves muscle and joint pain as well as nerve pain. Softens your skin and will even pull toxins out of the body.


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