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Ok Zombification has officially taken over. I am now on 1800mg gabapentin to try and control this stupid pain. It feels like someone is shoving a screwdriver in through my ears and out through my eyes. I have dug out my wheat bag and microwaved it, so going to wrap that round my neck and head to see if it helps. I will try anything at this point

I have got pain all over my body, even getting shooting pains up through my fingers while I am typing this. It feels like the keys are covered in broken glass. I feel like I am sitting on broken glass and it is all over the floor and cutting into my feet at every step.

Please, at this stage I will take anything to stop the pain. Suggestions please, I dont want to carry on like this

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I have to say I know how you feel. Have you tried a nice hot bath? That sometimes helps me. And if that fails, there's always chocolate :) A little indulgence might work :) Good luck xx


i wish i knew the answer i am the same today bless you just gotta have hope but it does drive you nuts love diddle x


Sorry julie you are suffering so much,

Hope you get some ease soon, hugs, kel xxx


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