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Still full of cold but I have had to get on today

Hi all. I am still full of cold but no longer as achy and feverish as I was. Thank heavens for Gabapentin, antidepressants and cocodomol. They still only seem to take the edge of things but do enable me to do things.

Did a couple a dog walks today, I felt pretty washed out afterwards but hubby has gone away until Wednesday so I need to get on. Bless him he has sorted my meals and lunches for the next 3 days so I don't have to worry. My daughter popped in on her way home from work and had a lovely chat with son tonight. I think it makes all the difference having a supportive family. I do feel for those of you coping alone. Off to bed now as I am more comfortable there.

Hugs xxxxx

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Thank you Jules. Sorry I didn't reply.

I hope you are feeling better today?

Hugs xxxx


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