'Arn't you gona get a job soon love?'

That was the question my boyfriend put to me the other day. I looked at him sheepishly and said 'yeh I'm looking for something to suit'

It's not that I DON'T want to work again, I really miss my job as a childcare practitioner, but I left (asked to leave by my lovely boss so she didn't have to fire me!!) Because I'd do a few hours at work then come home, collapse on the sofa and stay there till next day, leaving my family to fend for them selves. My Fibro (altho not diagnosed at this point) was kicking in with a vengeance, truthfully I thought I was dying! last time Id felt THIS ill was a few years ago when I had a nasty dose of Flu and my GP said if there had been spare beds in isolation in the hospital he would have admitted me. To cut a long story short, since being diagnosed nearly 2 years ago, It was a relief I can tell ya! then the grieving process of realizing its not going away...ever! DEPRESSION! UGH!! (

Thankfully I've not felt like that constantly of I think I would have topped myself by now if I did!

Since then life has been up and down, many changes and moves.

I'm living closer to my family now than I have done for a number of years and so far not been TOO bad. With my eldest son living here with his girlfriend who, at the tender age of 22 has been diagnose with Fibro also! Poor lass tho is only getting mild-ish symptoms compared to me but mine are mild compared to many other peoples too! They are a great help for taking over some of my 'jobs' and we can sympathise with each other too. Thing is I don't JUST have Fibro, I also have underactive Thyroid, High blood pressure and Spondilitis too as well as treatment for other things that the lovely Fibro brings with it :(

So getting back to When am I getting a job??????? well, I will if I know when and how ill I am going to be, If I can find an understanding boss that will let me crash at a minutes notice and let me pop pills all day long, No strip lights for my migraines, no long standing for my hips and back (or sitting too long) not too much walking or lifting and nothing that involves using my mushy brain too much!!..........any Ideas on my new Job?

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  • i keep getting that question asked by my family also and i tried to say when fibro gives me a time sheet of when and how he will be attacking my body then ill get a job around them hours you sound like you have fantastic support from you family cherish it two of my children has there dads oppinion on my health but he says my son is ok and he had a stroke when i was pregnant and you can see his symptons so what hope did i ever have lol thats why he is now my x but its good to hear you have your son to support you im sorry to hear about his girlfriend such a tender age love and gentle hugs to you both and your son is a hero xx luv lyn

  • aww thankyo, such a nice comment :) yes he is a moaning misserable pain in the but hahha but a real diamond too :) he does well at 25. We have been through thick and thin together. I wish when he was 9 Id have listened to him about my choice of marriage tho! I too now have an x lol yes she is young bless her and its awful for her to see me on bad days knowing that this may be her own future :( Sorry to hear of your sons stroke and I hope he makes a full recovery. I do feel sorry for the ignorant tho, heaven forbid if they ever get a cold or ingrowing toe nail something hahah

    Gentle hugs all round xxx

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