Welfare Reform Bill

If you are of working age and in reciept of benefits of any kind I would strongly reccommend you read up on how this Reform of Welfare System will effect you and your family. Watch out for any local events going on where you live where informed people will explain the new system to you.

The impact of this reform on the lowest paid people in our country will mean more homelessness more poverty and more anti social behaviour. I personally cannot see how these changes are going to have a positive effect on anyone.

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  • mmmm...and those with money will get richer!!!

  • Thats what the saying says "the poor get poorer and the rich get richer"xx

  • I've heard that when the new PIP benefit comes into effect next year those on the lowest rates of DLA will lose their entitlement unless they can manage to persuade the DWP they should be on middle rates or above.

    I should imagine this will affect an awful lot of people who have FMS and similar illnesses.

    I think it's wrong that those who were given indefinite awards will also have to be re-assessed .

    I was given SDA because I was classed as 80 % disabled and this was awarded for life. They were the two criteria that had to be met in order to receive that benefit. Under the new rules that criteria has been thrown out .

    Wow, the government are able to perform magic, they can heal the sick over night....... NOT !

  • the DLA reform only means you have to justfy how you spend the money

  • As far as I'm concerned I already justify how I spend the money . I'm not exactly living the high life.

  • It's a truly scary time to be sick.

  • I been on incapacity and had it stopped at xmas I am curently waiting ananswer on my appeal been told can take up 2 nine months for outcome if only they could see me this week in agony no sleep then a zombie all day speach and movement bad and they say I'm ok.

  • oh dear it is a worry for everyone we all try not too but the more we worry the more pain we seem to et when we are stressed and so the circle goes it is really a worrying time i do try to take a day at a time or someties an hour lol but it doesnt always work does it i hope you all have a lovely weekend love diddle x

  • i have been following this bill.... it makes me sick.. i would love to go out to work..its not my fault i like all u. have been dealt this fibro hand... it really annoys me that because i am ill, i will prob loose my home.. and get into debt, and there is people out there who just dont want to work.. why dont they go after them... i miss my job so much....i miss the customers who chatted to me everyday as i served there needs... it make me want to cry that i am going to loose my benefits... aaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

  • you won't necessarily loose your benefit just get less and be expected to pay more out. Unless ofcourse you end up on ESA which you can only claim for 12 months ......

  • I think that's just as bad angela . As anyone trying to survive on benefits knows, we get little enough already .

    I've been previously told by my GP that I need to improve my diet . After all my bills are paid I have £20 a week left for food.

    I don't have a car , I've never been able to afford to drive as I was a full time carer for my disabled son before becoming ill myself. I saved the government a fortune by staying home and looking after him myself, and we survived on my then husband's sole income ... and relying on relatives for respite care instead of asking for help. I haven't had a holiday for years, and the last couple of times I did I went with relatives.

    What annoys me most about the reforms is the fact that it points the finger at all disabled people and pretty much accuses them of being fraudulent . It whips the press up into a frenzy of reporting about benefit cheats and yet never mentions the thousands of people who don't claim what they're entitled to.

    It wasn't disabled people who caused this recession and yet we are the ones being told that this country can't afford the benefits system. How about those nice wealthy , tax avoiding bankers and large companies are held to task for it instead.

  • Helen I am so sad reading your post and I agree with everything you have said. We live in topsy turvy land I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it right xxxx

  • Thanks Angela, as you can see I get very frustrated by it all lol.

    I've always hated injustice and I really do think the disabled people of this country are being done a huge injustice with these reforms.

    None of us asked for this horrible condition , I'm sure we'd all rather be healthy and able to work full time- and have a life than be stuck asking for "hand-outs" that barely cover our living expenses. I know I would .


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