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Hi Fibro Friends, havn't been on for a few days so hope everyone is keeping well. Having a bit of a flareup this last few days but have come to a full stop today and stiffness getting the better of me. I have managed to dress but other than that havn't moved far from my recliner so what better to do than speak to my Fibro Friends.

Well the weather is really grotty in Wales today, just when you think the sun may begin to shine there is another heavy storm and hailstones as big a golf balls - ouch!. Hope the rest of the country is not as bad, roll on summer, thats unless we had it in March when we had a few sunny days.

Take Care everyone, Love Angela xx

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oldestnewest's raining in not so sunny Bournemouth!!!

Glad you are coming out of the flare up!! xx


Pouring down in Suffolk and huge claps of thunder ! Hiding under my duvet at the mo x


We've had sun, rain, sun, hail, rain and a clap of thunder.......

In Cambridgeshire. x


Up here in Fife we've had a miserable day. No sunshine today just grey skies in between the rain. We had hailstones yesterday and much heavier rain the day before. On the good side, it hasn't been very cold so saving on the heating bills!

Maybe tomorrow we'll have a freak Indian Summer!

Hello everybody, I only joined a couple of days ago and don't know how I managed before I found you guys!



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