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I just want to sleep!

So I misjudged my tablet supply and ran out of my sleeping meds y/day. The result is me not being able to sleep last night. Which leads to me, today, feeling as though my senses are clambering out of my skull and teetering on a cliff edge! I feel so ill, it isn't funny. My muscles are all jangley, and my head feels as though a big feather pillow has been put there instead of my brain. Remind me never to run out of meds again! :-)

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Aw its horrible feeling so ruff isn't it. I know exactly what you mean today but hope you feel better soon. Love Angela xx


hi bless you can you not get an automatic repeat at your pharmacy ? you can at mine so you dont ever run out but my gp is connected to the pharmacy but they may have something like that at yous and have them delivered so you dont have to go get them love to you diddle x


Hey Diddle - thats a brilliant idea! I'll see if I can set that up! Thank you! And thank you Angela - hope you are well. xx


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