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Baby fat & exercise . Advice please ladies

Hi all ,

Im just after a bit of advice on how I can get rid of my baby fat & the belly I seem to have got since having William . Now I normally wouldn't care but I get married in just over 5 weeks time . Earlier on today I tried my wedding dress on to make sure my new shoes were high enough . Now its got awfully tight around the bust & belly so I was wondering if anyone knows of any gentle exercise's that I could do to try n tone up a bit . I cant risk puttin any more weight on till after the wedding lol . Most my pains are in my back so I really do need to be careful spec with having the lil one xxx

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hi have you tried sit ups for toning your tummy and also may be an idea to have one of those body wraps done at a beauty salon you lose inches instantly that would be ideal for you and also invest in a pair of those pants that pull everything in or the body suit just make sur e you get some sexy stuff to wear and get up to the room quick and do a asy change before hubby sees your big pants lo l go into your local beauty salons and ask about these contour body wraps and i think the knickers and body suits are rrom asda / peacocks love to you diddle let us know how you get on love diddle x


i didnt have bread last week cos of passover and have to say my tummy has gone right down my tummy was bigger than my boobs lol but now although not flat its alot better so will still not eat bread to see how i get on, so you can try that for a few weeks to see how it goes,as bread bloats tummies anyway


See your doctor and check with them before doing any new exercise regime. A referral to physiotherapy would also be a good idea, but that wouldn't happen before your wedding now.

Try watching what you eat. A calorie intake/output calculator (I used to use the free one on can be helpful.

And work on improving your posture. That will probably help the Fibro, will make you look slimmer and will mean that you are gently toning your core muscles just by standing up straight.


Brilliant thank u all . Ill ask at my local hairdressers if they do the body wraps as I know they are currently starting beauty in there . I cant seem to do sit ups they kill me . As for the bread thats a great idea as I eat loads of it cut out for a few weeks I think :) Ive got to go back to doctors next week so I will ask :) thank u all again :) Take care xxxx


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