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Hi to all my friend s on here i am so sorry i have been a light weight today i had to meet my sister at her beauty salon at 10 to help her with some papers/answer phone all i done was sirt on my derrier from 10 til 4.30 i am in so much pai but my teeth dont hurt any moe for some bizzare reason?

so sorry i really am so tired due to no sleep and the pain that i really arent up to commenting on anything tonight well not at min any way so just didnt want you to be offended hark at me prob aint realised i not been on here ha ha but you know what i mean will prob have a look later or tomorrow and see what you all been up to

anyway jus letting you all know i am ok and still in the land of the living and will be back asap

love to you all diddle x

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Hi diddle after the day you have had you deserve a rest enjoy your me time lots of hugs squidley


ofcourse we would notice ,it wouldnt be the same with out diddle ,have a nice rest ,hugs xxxx


Hi and bye lol xxxxx


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