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Hello all my Fibro Friends

I was just wondering if anyone had tried "cupping" I have it every ten days When I first have the treatment it is quite painful (like a very deep massage) but the benefit are great.

I would suggest that you should try it for pain I have it on my back and legs, I have rather funny looking bruises but hey less pain it's worth it .

Love, kisses and hugs

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hi no but i do have massages every now and again as my sister has her own beaty room mind you hen i do hav eone my sister is so gentle the next day i am so sore and bruised lol she feels so guilty but never had cupping have seen it being done on tv love to you diddle x


Hi, I have had cupping on my back as it goes into spasm. It relieved the spasm for a short time and I loved the feel of it. I think maybe it needs to be done frequently.

I was lucky as I didn't get any bruises!!



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