Thank You All so much :))

Thanks so much for all your good wishes for the op Friday, i will blog again as soon as I'm home. Well down to last 48 hours spent this week getting loads of jobs done and things sorted ready. Well made one of those famous lists we always do but yeah I've done every job bar 2 which hopefully will get done tomorrow :)) amazing what a time limit does for you, mind you the body knows it LOL So take care everybody speak soon sue xx

4 Replies

  • good luck for your op ,and hope your last jobs get jobbed lol :) xx

  • Aw Sue, all the best for Friday, it will soon all be over and then you can relax a bit. Sounds like you are keeping busy in the meantime but don't overdo it. Love Angela x

  • Good luck and positive thought for you xx

  • good luck will bwe thinking of you and ant wit to come on and see your first after op blog love diddle x

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