Hope that you all have a lovely Good friday and you dont eat too many hot cross buns (yummy) Cant believe it is ice on thee car this morning only a thin layer but really odd!!!!

i am probeably going to see my daughter and grandsons and thats it really nothing exciting for me today.

Enjoy !!!! love to you all Diddle x

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  • You too Diddle. Not bothered about hot cross buns, it's the chocolate that's my downfall!!

    Have a lovely time seeing your daughter and grandsons. I'm doing paperwork all Easter :(

    Sue xx

  • oh that not good doing paperwork but i am sure that a big huge bar of chocolate would help you enormously every question you lokk at anf answre a cube of chocolate would help to get the flow going dont you think ? love to you diddle x

  • I like your thinking Diddle!! :)

    Only trouble is, I've put weight on recently and I can't stop eating biscuits and chocolate :( but of course I'm blaming the Gabapentin for that, not the c**p I eat. lol x

  • Iam drooling over the easter eggs, theres loads.

    I just dont think i can resist lol. xxxxxx

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