struggling with 1 crutch should i use 2 to balance the pressure or just use wheelchair ?

its something i have been avoiding but cant cope for much longer with increase of pain and one side being worse especially when i use the crutch :( been looking online for cheap mobility scooters or electric powered chairs and crutches but so expensive and because i dont want to admit defeat i struggle on with 1 crutch xx

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  • hi i know how you must be feeling i bought a walking stick a fold up one i have used it a few times but i dont want to start to use it all the time so i rely on it but i suppose a time will come when i will have too so you really should use what is right for you love to you diddle x

  • Ive just been measured for a wheelchair, its free through re ablement[council] i find it hard to walk far, and now my hands are hurting to much to hold stick or crutch

  • hi. If you look at Gumtree you might get a powered chair. That's where I got mine and it was very cheap, as well. Best investment I have ever made.

  • thanks all tried the self propelling wheel chair but i havent got the upper body strength and my back & arms kill me :( i will keep on looking on gumtree though thanks again xx take care xx

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