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been to the doctors today and have got more meds to try

well what a roller coaster i am on.... the fibro just wont settle down.... i have been feeling really ill for the past month. i tried going back to work after 4 years being off i thought it would help , but it didnt, i lasted 2 and a half weeks,and i have had to go back onto ESA, my IB is now waiting to go to tribunal. and the DWP have now sent for me for another medical now to get me off ESA. The usual thing with the fibro, joint and muscle pain, pain all over, swollen hands not walking well out of breath and totally exhusted and chest pains,brain fog and forgetting things is high on the list. this morning i put the dog biscuits in the washing machine draw instead of the washing power! so i was sent into hospital for ecg an 24hour monitor on my ticker. My doctor today was lovely as i went in to see her in tears and alot of pain. to add to the venlafaxine, parecetomol and codine i already take, i now have beta blockers due to my heart beating too fast its gotta be slowed down as that could be whats making the fibro bad and for the pain i now have gabapentin, along with increasing my asthma drugs cause the beata blockers will make my asthma worse. yes if i felt well enough i would go to work but i dont.......... just had enough of the whole situation with the DWP..... they dont have to live with this blinking pain and fatigue..... what a mess what a pitiful existence

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Hi danhan,

I am sorry you are going through a hard time. :(

At least the doctor is trying with your meds though, and i can say that i am on gabapentin and it is brilliant for me. Everyone is different though.

I have not long had to give up my job too, but i am not on any benefits as my otherhalf works and keeps me at the minute.

I hope your gabapentin helps you as much as it has helped me. :)

take care, kel xxx


Hi danhan,

I am too so sorry how things have gone for you. I am also on gabapentin and its is very good for me too.

Im just about still in work but fear that I also will be having to take a break from that.

Good luck with the gabapentin, i noticed the effects virtually straight away.

We are all here for you.

Gentle hugs



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