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Got my Doctors apt today, 1.50pm

I sat down and wrote down what i needed to say, Just incase i have a foggy moment.. They come across so funny, any one would think they dont give, ATOS

1. Referal to a rheumatology

2. Meds review

3. Copy of my medical records

4. Copy of my last letter from neurology apt

Lets see if they take me serious today instead of filling me with painkillers !!!!

Fingers crossed

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Sounds like a great plan

Fingers crossed

VG xxx


Thanks VG, Its the only one I have so I hope they agree to refer me. The past week has been awful to say the least.

xx :) Shelley


Morning Everso,

Good idea to write a list !! I have used your numbers as reference to comments on your list, to help a little maybe

1. Would you consider maybe asking for a referral to Pain Clinic too, if you pain is not under control

2. If you would like to print the Factsheets on Fibro and it's treatments from the website to take with you to the doctors. Here's the link

3. Here is a link about accessing your medical records and fees to pay;

4. My advice would be when you get the letter make sure you photocopy as a back up as if it gets lost you still have a copy.

Please let us know how you get on

All the best



Oh nice one Emma, Thank you. Thats a good idea to photocopy it, they do have a habit of misplacing things at my surgery.

Thanks Again for the info,

Thats why I love this site :) I just hope i keep my cool if they refuse the referals xx


Maybe when you ask for the referrals you may consider explaining to the GP how the pain is debilitating and impacting on your daily activities of living. You could mention this is impacting on your mood as you cannot do things you could do if the pain was under control.

Hope this helps :)


Hi Emma,

Yes i will do and it is, my moods are so erratic, my marrige is suffering too. They gave me antideppresants last apt, but I told them i feel this way because im stuck in the house all the time, In terrible pain. If i wasnt in pain I would go out more, catch 22!!.

Thanks Emma



Hi everso just read this bit... Do you take the antidepressants cos with fibro they aren't necessarily for depression I take dosulepin and I am certainly not depressed, but they make me sleep at night ...and they are supposed to scramble the pain signals to your brain to help with pain relief a little... Not sure if mine help that way or not cos my brain is already scrambled but they Definately make me sleep :)


Good Luck and stand your ground. Let us know how you get on...sock it to em!!! xx


Lol, you make me smile. Sock it to em lol.

Will let you know when i get in.

Thanks Charlie xx


I also think this may be of help. The expert patient series of articles on the FibroAction website has a section on 'Dealing with Doctors'

Emma :)


Wow that is just what i need, thanks Emma your a star XX : )


No need to Thank me , Happy to help :)


Emma, Ive just read that article, its brilliant info.. thanks

Its given me more confidence to ask for what I want. xx


well this is a good sign, eversohappys not back on yet so maybe the doc is listening......heres hoping.....


Charlie it was a waste of time, Im gutted. I went with so much enthusiasm and he just stamped all over it. More or less told me "you have it so deal with it" :(


I think we need extra confidence especially when dealing with the medocal profession...i think having fibro has sapped my self confidence a lot....has anyone else found that? xx


I def have found it to have had a detramental effect on my confidence, especially in work...

I'm out of work now, mainly because my memory just wont hold information and I strggle to remember the basics.

I went to the cahs machine 3 nights ago, got there and BLANK... no memory of my pin number, ive used the same one for 6 years...I had to come all the way home and get the pin for our joint account and write it down!!

Im waiting for the day i for get my own name lol... My husband just looked at me He darnt even say anything he could see i was close to tears with the frustration of somehting so simple



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