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One of the greatest things I own is a tens machine for pain relief!! I must say though, that from what I hear, I am one of the lucky ones who do get good pain relief, lots of others don't like them for one reason or another. These are widely used in childbirth and also to treat injured horses, so if it can treat a horse and ease labour pains, it's gotta be worth a try.

The one I have is a flexitens, price £25 at ASDA, though the first one I got many years ago was more expensive because they were relatively new. This one is quite small and very discreet, so can be used whilst out and about (NOT whilst driving)

I have to go out for a couple of hours this evening, and I reallly hurt, but due to not having any decent sleep the past 2 nights, I daren't take my normal dose of meds and go out, because I know from past experience this will see me get confused, start talking gibberish and generally showing one aspect of Fibromyalgis I'd rather people didn't see.

SO, tens machine on, and since I am going to be sitting for some time on and off, I'm also taking my lumbar support and a cushion!!! I might get some funny looks/comments, but you know what?? I am past caring - I need to start and put myself first right now with this flare-up, which sometimes means saying 'NO' instead of saying YES then having to deal with the aftermath of overdoing and in pain.

Hope this link works for anyone who's necver heard of them

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Hey never heard of them will have a look, thanks hun, Lou x


I have tried a tens machine, but mine was the opposite from yours Goodienuff, i felt that it made my muscles worse than what they were, it was like they were about to pop out my skin and made the situation worse, although i find it helps for my OA. :)


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