TENs machines. I wonder whether the TENs gloves and socks have been tried by anyone?

I have tried one generally and it helped a bit but now it looks like my hands are giving in to arthritus and they are also getting cold easily as are my feet. I was wondering whether it would be worth getting the TENs gloves and socks to help stimulate their circulation etc? They say they are good, but they are selling them. Has anyone actually tried them for FM, Renauds or arthritus? I would appreciate your opinions. Thank you. =)

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  • sorry can not help with the gloves and socks but swear by my teens machine

  • ivenever tryed tens they are meant to be good for pain in a specific area but with fm the pains everywhere so i dont think it would help !

  • I do understand what you mean, however I also have arthritus so one area at a time?

  • I used one of these when I had my first child, no way could my skin handle that now.... I hurt just thinking about it.... :(

  • Thank you for that. I asked this question elsewhere and got the reply that using a TENs machine and putting the pads in the middle of the hand helped her and she believes it to be enough and better than wasting money on gloves.

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