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off to doctors part 2 lol

well i went to doctors i asked if i could have MS and he said its a big poss great start so i asked if they could find out he said that it dont matter if i find out now or in

a few years time cos there isnt much they can do about it but i said im a community carer as a job so i need to know he said know would only put my job on

the line i said yes i know that but i would prefer my clients to be in safe hands also i worried alot (mega) about things if they play on my mind so he said he would refer me to the hospital (bonus)

i then asked if i was safe to go back to work with my jelly legs till we knew he said do you want to go to work i said yes we need the money for a start he said well go then if you cant cope you will let us know im sure

hell am i confused now i got so flusted and he made me feel like i was just a lazy cow that didnt want to work

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oh dear i do think you are getting yourself all worked up like i did (read my other blog to you) i thought the same as you buy now i think it is fibro so jus tryto keep yourself calm, the other thing is you can only do whayt you can work wise you must only do the job if you can handle doing it especially if you are a carere and handling other peoplle etc you take care and please dont worry i am sure you will be fine take care love diddle x


we end between the devil and the deep blue sea! what to do for the best eh! take care both



Do what you think is best for you Sarah cos at the end of the day only you know how you feel and whether you are coping or not. Caring is not an easy job and takes a lot out of you physically and mentally so if you feel better in work and are able to cope stick with it, if not, ask the doc to sign you off. The main thing is that you look after yourself first x


Hi Sarah-d I am so sorry that your Doctor was so dismissive and made you feel so awkward. I agree with you that you need to know whether you have MS and let your employer know as soon as possible because you could potentially be putting the people you care for at risk. My worry is that if you do have MS and were to have an accident involving someone you are caring for and you had not disclosed your condition to your employer you may not be covered by your employer's insurance and you could be personally liable for the payment of any damages.

Should you have MS you need to speak to your manager and he/she would be able to change your duties. I know that you cannot be sacked if you become disabled. MS is regarded as a Disability and as such, you can make a claim for Disability Living Allowance [DLA]. However, I would suggest you talk to the Citizens' Advice Bureau before you approach your manager or visit your Doctor again. They will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to protect you and your job. I hope this helps. Take care of yourself. x


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