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Occupational Health Advisor - email gone. I await repercussions! Wish I could see her face! he he

Nothing I have said on the letter can be taken as rude. However I saved a secure document, altered it considerably and then attached it to the secure document she sent me. All within the time scale alloted to me, 5 days.

My doctor mentioned that he did think she may have confused FM with something else, so I said so. I also added information she had not allowed me to tell her. Plus information that my Dr was asking my Rheumatologist to look at a list I had written him [doctored to make more readable by me] and see whether he could now give me a diagnosis or a date when he could see me. Fingers crossed!

I had such a hard job finding that blasted secure email the OC sent me and I saved though. Thought I was going to have to do it all over again and it took me ages! Finally found it, added a polite letter at the end, saved it and then attached it to the secure form along with the information that there was a letter included. I suspect I have given her a long task to complete before she sends it on, but as I have a copy of what I said and she said, and shall print it out ready, just in case, I am fairly confident that it will be done. I am getting so cautious, but after reading how so many of us are being ripped off and treated badly I think we should all watch our backs, just to be safe.

I have even emailed the Union to say I will wait until I have picked up my copies of all the sick notes I handed in since Septemer 2010! I have also got a file of the emails I received since my return to work.

Oh I am getting so mean! No good being soft as everyone walks all over you - however, I am not going to become hard either! Have a job at my size!

Wow I feel empowered! I have even made a joke! Off to bed, so night night everyone. Sweet dreams, soft hugs and heres to a kinder world tomorrow!

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Hi sarah jane,

you go girl, good luck with it all.

night night hun,

kel xxxx


Good foryou you are like me i keep allmy emails and notes of who i spoke to what was said etc dates/times and it has proved to be invaluable.

few years ago i had hasslwe with council tax anyway to cut a long boring story short i went i armed with my file of papers etc, sat down they denied getting any e mails from me at all , thats funny i said as i have all my copies here i opened my file and laid them out on the desk like a deck of cards a red faced lady got up and said let me go check ! and guess what she found all my e mails??!!! how convenient was that so you have to be one step ahead. in the end my local council sent me a laetter of apology and admitted it was there mistake and wiped off the money i said i owed them which it turned out i didnt lol so you go girl love to you diddle x


Hello to you. I've missed yr first msg but think I can guess. Had the same probs with authority as far as getting help. 'Could I dress myself?' Yes. End of story. Not allowed to add how painful just fastening my bra is. Anyway I'll die before I'll let someone come and do it (remind me I said that!) The criteria is so narrow that we gett overlooked for the help we do need. Good for you for winning through. I find dealing with paperwork difficult now but it was my job for years! xx


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