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physiotherapy app 2

hello, thought i would follow up my previous blog about physiotherapy.

I had my 2nd app and it was every bit as disappointing as my first. I had a brief 20 min assessment that was a joke. The same physiotherapist performed the MOT as he put it, which did not seem at all thorough, more half hearted.

The result, i have been told i do not have muscular skeletol problems so there is nothing more physio can do for me. I have been sent away with 1 stretch for a very slight muscular skeletol right hip issue.

My lower back pain and sciatica is at times excrutiating, i told him i find it difficult to stand and walk initially after sitting for 15 mins, no help or advice was given to aid this. He just said there were no physical problems for the pain in my back, its just fibro pain basically .

Concluding the app i was reminded about my weight, the need to socialise and keep active. He said all the pain was fibro based and that was that. No follow up app discharged.

To top it off as the fibo support group is supported by physios , due to understaffing there are no more groups being run for a few months.( if att all) Having been added to the list for the support group 2 weeks ago this has now been pulled from under my feet as well.

Looks like there is little support in that physio dept for fibro sufferers, i left feeling very disapointed.

I am going to write to my rhumotologist who referred me, he seemed to be under the impression there was a very good physio dept supporting fibro at the hospital. Maybe he is unaware of the treatment his patients are receiving.

Been awake since 3.30 am with it all going around my head arrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!

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Good morning me too awake since 3.30 am !!!!! arghh but it is because you are in pain and lots in your head wek;l i too was sent to physio and ended up having an hour chat with him and he told me absolute waste of time touching me would do no good whatso ever and sent me off for good so he was saying same as your physio did he told me to see my Gp and get meds sorted out and that was that !!! hope you do get it all sorted it is a minefield love to you diddle x


Hi Fibrolou, that is very disapointing for you! I had been thinking about pushing for some physio myself but after your experience I'm having 2nd thoughts.

It just doesn't seem fair does it

gentle hugs x


My physio was concerned about my walking and set me some exercises which have not helped.

I asked about hydro therapy and she put me straight onto it - its fab! However, be careful you discuss what you need, not your FM. What hurts you and where is more their bag.

For instance, although I have hip pain, my walking would be fine if it didn't hurt, what I need is exercises that strengthen my back not make it worse. I have to go back and talk to my physio. Remember they know how muscles, tendons and the skeleton work. Yes they do need to know about FM so they don't make you do too much too fast, but they can help.

Good luck. Soft hugs


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