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bells palsy

just to say that i went to see my new doctor to day and he was a real gent.

understood how i felt and gave me a smile and said that he will do every thing he could to help me with the pain...

when i told him that on two accations when i have got up in the morning my lip and a little part of my face had felt numb and my lip was done a little.

he had told me that it is bells palys ..

he is sending a letter to a specailist so that i can learn more about it and get some surport ..

i came home feeling very good inside knowing that i am going to get all the help from him....

:):) double smile xx

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oh thank you christine it really does mean so much to me knowing that i have a doctor that truley understands....


Hi there i had Bell's palsy a few years ago, except mine was constent it was my 7th nerve trapped in my face left side, with steroids it cleared up in about 8 weeks, you need to know that if you ever know anyone who has shingles you need to stay away from them because now you have had it, you will be prone to getting it again the shingles virus can cause Bell's palsy.


Glad he was a help and looking into further, the right support makes a world of difference.

My GP is also a great, she always makes time and after i have talked about my various symptoms, referrals and meds (takes a while lol), she always asked and how are you? Just those three little words, makes such a difference.

Having a good GP makes all the difference , So i say a big cheer for all those good GP's out there.

Lou x


thanks girlies for all the good adive i get from here, would of answered ealry but fell a sleep sorry...

i love you all you are all like fanily here xx:)


thats good ( well you know what i mwan not good that you may have bells palsy)it is good that they sending you to see proper people and hopefully get you sorted well done you love Diddle x


There are a variety of treatment options based on your level of facial paralysis. Botox injections can help facial paralysis due to Bell’s palsy, and selective neurolysis is a cutting-edge surgery that can help you regain facial animation. You can learn more about different facial paralysis treatment options here:


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