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Has anyone heard of low T3 for under active thyroid?

I am on thyroxine and a friend of mine mentioned she was taking a T3 supplement and felt so much better. I checked out a website a ticked the box for quite a few of the symptoms. It does mare you wonder if there is a connection with fibro. These are the symptoms.

Sleepiness, exhaustion, lethargy, insomnia.

Low body temperature, cold intolerance, always feeling cold, dressing warmly.

Hair loss, dry hair, dandruff.

Deafness or dulled hearing.

Dry skin, sallow complexion, swollen face, pale lips.

Patchy skin, i.e. varying skin colour not due to exposure to sunlight.

Hoarse voice, slow speech, goitre (swollen neck).

Palpitations, raised cholesterol in the blood.

Menstrual problems, miscarriage, fertility problems, decreased libido.

Weight gain and/or loss of appetite.

Weak and/or painful muscles, stiff joints.


Lumpy red/dark itchy patches on the shins (pretibial myxoedema).

Cold feet, poor circulation.

In the most severe cases, hypothermia and coma.

Some may experience new or worsened food sensitivities or allergies such as hay fever

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This is the website


Thanks for the comments Lynn. It's certainly something to think about as it ticks a lot of boxes.


Lynn - I have heard similar things myself. But my doctor has advised not to take supplements for a good reason - even though the dose I am on is keeping me "normal" though I would disagree - it is not a good idea to take something on top of your normal meds as they can have a contra-indication - or in laymans terms - have a bad effect as you're taking too much to counteract the hypothyroidism.

Think I will have to research this further...its got me thinking now too!


I'm going to research this and go and see my doctor as I think my fibro would improve greatly if i had a higher dose of thyroxine or T3. The signs and symptoms for thyroid and fibromyalgia are too similar to ignore.