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Just diagnosed with depression too!!!

Well I went to the doctor on Friday and he has diagnosed me with depression, so yet another tablet that I have to take!! Great.

But it does mean that I now know why I keep crying at the slightest thing. I told my friend and she asked "what have you got to be depressed about, your going on holiday soon"!!!! Arhhhh I wanted to kill - Why should I be depressed, I've been in pain for 5 years, I'm a carer for my husband, I'm more or less a single parent to my children (as my hubby cannot help out too much) and basically I've had enough - but thats not enough to be depressed I suppose!!!

Rant over.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mummys out there xx

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Look every body sees depressin and stress differently your friend bless her thinks that because you are going on a holiday and she clearly is not you should be full of the joys!!! but it is not as easy as that its all the build up and stress before you go making sure all is ok with neds etc, to my 19 year old stress is not being able to get to asda in time before her friend picks her up fior night out and has she got the right outfit on and enough money in her purse thats while she is sitting next to her sister who has no money has jus split from her partner dont know when her money coming through the landlord calling her the kids playing up and problems with her dad, now thats stress but everyone sees it differe ntly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so dont you worry fibro and depression go hand in hand well that is jus my personal opinion i also have been diagnosed with depresssion i was any way but its worse since fibromyalgia and i am on 40mg citralopram a day ,you have every reason to feel down so you take care love to you Diddle x


I i've also been treated for depression am on Fluoxetine also, my marriage broke up for 6 months before i was diagnosed, but back together and making a go of it, after 23 yrs felt there was something to salvage. Actually thinking about coming of tha anti-depressents, feeling quite anxious about it, feel its time to get back into the real world. anne xx


Hi tinkz,

People make me so mad with comments too, i just dont tell people now.

I am going doctors next monday to ask about getting medication for depression. I dont think i have it massivly but i am getting so angry with loved ones over nothing and like you crying at everything.

My step mum is on them and she is the other way now she cant cry and she never gets mad at all.

Hope they work for you. :)

kel xxx


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