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was worth it

went out last night to a pub quiz with some work mates, the first bit we came last which was expected but the main quiz we didnt do too bad. but im paying for it today! had no sleep just couldnt get comfortable and in alot of pain and body seems to feel like its on fire! but was worth it not been out like that for ages and laughed so much so will put up with the pain

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Its worth doing something different once in a while to get you smiling! Good on you xx but take it easy today sweetheart..... xxx


Isnt it a shame that we fibro suffereers go out to functions etc but all we have got in the back of our mind is ( how we are going to pay for this that night and the next day) the thing is we must not get so we DON'T do anything and stay at home because sometimes that can cause the same effects cant it? oh well glad you had a laugh last night that sometimes is the best medicine we could have. you take care today love to you diddle x


Yes it was worth it if you have a time when you can get out and cope. Worth every minute even though we know we will suffer afterwards for the worse.


HI angied, so lpeased you had agud night.

My friends are going to town for drinks next week and i just cant do the whole walking from pub to pub and queing for drinks etc no more and they just dont get it.

I also showed myself up last time and fell out with a good friend so i wont be going out for a long time. (we made up the next day though.)

hope your suffering eases as the day goes on.

kel xxx


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