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dr sarah myhill live on tv tonight at 8pm

dr myhill is a environmental specialist,who works in the field of allergy, food and environments. i have found her very helpful

You may remember Dr Myhill's live interview with Theo Chalmers on Sky

Channel 200 a while back. She has been invited and agreed to appear on

Theo's programme again and the live interview will take place tonight,

starting at 8 pm. Questions for Dr Myhill are very welcome! Details of the

broadcast below as given by Theo Chalmers:

"It's a two hour show with two short breaks in each hour (so three

sections per hour) and people texting in (from within UK send the word

'beyond' {without the quotemarks}, then a space, then the message to 86686

- Standard charges apply).

The first hour is live on Sky Channel 200 (or manual tune on Freesat); the

second hour is for subscribers worldwide on the internet."

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Hi did you catch the programme unfortunately i dint but jus wondered if you learnt anything from it?? love to you diddle x


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