joyride horse exercise machine!!

im getiing (hopefully) on thursday a second hand one ,wanted one when they first come out but way to expensive yes i do have horses but dont ride them so thought this may be good and have a laugh with it as well as want to sort my middle age spread out ,find it difficult to get on my bike now but dont want to give up exercise all together

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  • i actually like the wii fir or wii fat as we call it i was made up coz i lost over a stone just doing gentle stuff then my damned thyroid went underactive an i put the lot on again !!!!

  • lol tried the wii fit cant keep it up! ive no excuse other than i eat alot

  • I have one & it's great, it really improves my thigh muscle pain. If I use it 3 times a week for 1/2 an hour, it makes a huge difference to the ammonite of pain, often banishing it. if you press your thighs quite hard into the side of the saddle the action feels like a massage. It's great fun I watch a music DVD & you can swing your arms to & fro & legs & twist from side to side. Its a great mood elevator too! It's good for waist & bums too. I also have a horse but have not ridden him for about a year, as get dizzy, but on the machine I can just wait for the dizziness to pass, without the worry of falling off onto a hard road & worrying about my horse galloping away up the road (lol) I leave my daughter to ride the real one & I ride my mechanical horse. I'm sure you will have fun & hopefully you will find it really helps with pain, like I find mine does.

  • Should read (above) amount not ammonite - blasted fibro fog!

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