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So today I had a hospital appointment. Managed to sleep till 12 but I am so tired from the journey and the testing. Hubby and baba have gone to his parents for the evening for Monday night dinner, but I was too tired to be able to handle the journey.

I hate not being able to go see them, I know they understand and for that I love them, but I miss seeing them too.

Off for a small nap maybe.


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Thatsa shame but sometimes you jus cant handle it i would rather be honest and not go than go and they think miserable old thing because your in pain glad they understand pity you miss out on tea though love to you Diddle x


Yeah the nap never happened so I decided to catch up on some TV instead.


i always know when i can't do anymore, i just literally seize up, i can't move anymore, the tiredness just flows over me like fluid being poured in through the top of my head and flowing into my feet. i panic when it happens when i'm out, i know i have to be home. it is so scary x x x


It really is. That is the hardest bit to explain to people I think. How I can be totally OK one minute and the next I need to go and have a sleep.


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