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Hi there I've been suffering from headaches for over a week now and wondered if anyone has had something like and have any ideas on what could be causing them and if there are any herbal treatments that can help I told this to my doctor yesterday as well and was told you have already seen another doctor concerning these as had them in the past so again he dismissed it he wasn't a very helpful doctor at all

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hi thats a shame you suffereing like that. i do have headaches but sometimes i will have one and not have another for few weeks thats not one of my main symptons but keep trying to get the help you need love and oft hugs diddle x


When you saw the doctor did he do the standard checks ? Blood pressure etc ?

I would always say , if you're not happy with what the GP has said, go back and ask for a second opinion.

Have to say your doc sounds very unhelpful !

Lack of sleep gives me horrendous headaches as does not drinking enough fluids .


Well I'm going to see how things go over the next few day if no different then I will go back and that's the only good thing he did was doing the standard checks


Sounds like the best plan David . Hope you can get sorted soon.



Hi guys, I suffer with headaches and even my hair hurts, (to move or brush).Not to sure why, I have had shingles of my scalp about 6 times, so wondered if this contributes or another fibro symptom to add to the list.

Like Helen, mine increase with lack of sleep, so this is often. I also ensure i stay hydrated through out the day. Some times gets so busy at work and then remember i have not had a drink since breakfast. Good plan David, hope it settles down soon x


Thank you Hun


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