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I will be crawling down to housing benefit today!!!!!!!!!

OK so in so much pain all my joints ache, my hips everything and i have got to go to housing benefit office today as they have messed up big time and have got to take all my business down there and sort it all out NO choice should have gone yesterday but jus could nt now i wish i had as feel worse today, oh well perhaps they will take pity on me ?????? NOT. I am, going to drive down and park 5 min walk away ( wish i had blue badge today!) perhaps will ask down there about that too?. it is big coucil place.My wrists feel like someone has ben doing chinese burns on them all night and shaking them whats all that about? Oh well i bet i will break down in the council office for some reason i just cant seem to cope with these sort of things any more i dont know why but i cant. On a happier note my youngest daughter she is 19 i getting a lovely new car in 2 weeks she went to look at it with her dad and picks it upi in 2 weeks just got to sell hers now and change her number plate over her dad got her a private one 2 christmas;s ago so that was nice she getting another KA but it is 57 plate her one is x reg so that put smile on my face, thats one thing i do smile about the way both my girls have turned out i am very proud of them both. oh well now having cup of rea and trying to muster strenghth to go and get dressed take care love and soft hugs diddle xxxx

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Good luck Diddle, I know just how stressful those HB appointments can be, especially in a flare. Don't pressure yourself to rush down there, just take your time and go at your own pace. Hope it all goes well, gentle hug.....


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