Did i go to a salsa party last night?!?

Woke up (well tern of phrase that one) got up today and i feel like i have been doing the salsa all night my hips are killing me did we all have a latino party last night and i cant remember?????? if you are the one i danced with all night my hips are absolutely killing me this morning so yours must be too lol . oh well will try and crawl up the stairs and get dressed love and soft hugs Diddle xxxx

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  • LOL, must have been me then Diddle, my back and hips are killing me too. That's normal for me, it's constant.

    I'm not looking forward to work today although I love the little girl I look after but she's full on and I'm not sure I can do a 10 hour day today. Oh well, I'll have to won't I. She does cheer me up though, she's so loving and funny.

    Very soft and gentle hugs this morning xxx

  • OI no fair, you had a party and didnt invite me, i think i was dancing to Shakira and i tell you she talks a load of Rubbish, the hips do lie, mine told me i could dance, i have 2 left feet but must have had ago as like you my Hips are killing me this morning, i am actually hobbeling around the house and having to use my stick :)

    Hope your pain eases off :)

    CHORLEY :)

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