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Is this another fibro symptom or something else?


I keep getting very very sharp pains in my side and my sides/ribs are so tender to touch. I breathe and the pain hurts more.

So its tender just above my hip, my ribs and down the center of my tummy. The rib area on my back hurts a lot ...

The only way I can describe this sensation in a way that makes sense is;

Imagine someone squeezing you around your waist, where your ribs are but they are squeezing you so tight that its suffocating and also giving you strong electric / lightning sort of shocks in your ribs . Not only this but someone else is pulling your stomach up. The more you breathe the more this gets worse.

Takes a lot to make me cry but tonight I just want to curl up and just sob my heart out.

I am thankful for the pain because it means I am alive and a fighter but I would be grateful for this to stop as it has stopped me living a basic life for 3 days now. Please?

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Good morning Charlie,

I get exactly the same I can’t sleep lying down on my bed as the pressure causes too much pain on my ribs, chest and back.

I was actually having such a bad day yesterday with it just breathing is so painful along with the stabbing I was actually rushed into hospital as they thought I was possibly having a heart attack the pain for me never goes it’s always there but gets much worse on exertion even walking up the stairs.

I have found that if I lay on my body pillow and keep really still and concentrate on shallowing breathing I even put my meditation app on and put a warm pad around my rib cage and across my stomach it will eventually lower the pain to be manageable. I don’t know if your the same but it feels constantly bruised and painful like I have been punched on the right side in my ribs and back. I really hope you find some relief and yes it’s so scary and it has reduced me to tears 😭 I would say the rest I manage this I cannot and none of my various meds take it away.

Sending a gentle hug 🤗💜🥰

Hey could it possibly be costochondritis? I was diagnosed with this going on ten years now and a few years after that diagnosed with fibro so I wonder if it’s actually part of the fibro symptoms ... but maybe that is something to have a look at ? Sending love from afar warrior 💓

Also when I get this at a heightened stage I find it helps to take very short rapid breaths or that lightning/shooting/stabbing pain is so intense I can’t move, it’s awful I’ve been unable to get off my bed to reach my phone to ring an ambulance once before it was that bad I thought i was a goner, but subsided after about an hour and it was then somewhat manageable ploughing through the day ☹️🙌🏽 I feel your pain hoping for some clarity x

This may sound left field but do you have arthiritis anywhere? It sounds like something my wife used to suffer from occasionaly and she was told it was an arthiritis flair up as it is possible to suffer from arthiritis in the rib cage.

What does yr Gp say? It sounds like costochondritis but obviously we're not medicallly trained here.

My osteopath was very helpful when I had this. And reminded me of the need to use a more yogic style of breathing. Worth asking their advice too?

Good luck

It’s another symptom honey it will pass then you will get something else in another part of your body I had this sensation when i first got fibro it was like something heavy was on top of me and I couldn’t breathe.

I know it’s difficult and I feel your agony deal with it as best you can scream cry do what you have to to get through it say to yourself it’s another symptom and it will pass .

You are not on your own fibro comes with a host of shit stuff .


Morning hun I get these pains very often it's like stabbing glass pain and shooting electric pain xxxxx it's the fibromyalgia xx

I agree with it potentially being costochondritis, def worth asking you GP about. I hope you can find some relief soon x

Yes, get this and I know I’m in for a fibro flare. Ribs on my right side were bad for a couple of days and then wham! Everything hit. Legs, shoulders ( felt like they were being burnt) neck, headache. Lasted 2 days then this morning I woke up feeling almost normal.

I’m blaming sugar—- stupidly I made some biscuits the other day thinking they’d have less ingredients than anything shop bought. ....

Try heat, I find a hot water bottle helps. Salonpas patches if you have any.

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