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Assessment report


Hello all, got my assessment back today, I’m upset and angry 😤 so many mistakes and important things left off. It does not tell all my struggle, they have twisted my words.

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Hi how long ago was your assessment? Mine was monday. I can't think of anything else. What did they twist? They are horrible people aren't they! Is this your first or renewal? X

Hi Sapphire my assessment was about 6weeks ago. She didn’t write down important information, she said she was writing it.! Basically twisted everything. I have read my report and marked every thing wrong with an asterisk and I will address all of them. Yes it is my first , hope you get a good one

Hi, my initial one a few years back I failed so applied again a while after, as didn't have the energy to appeal and was new to it all. I just don't get why they all lie so much. Who conducted yours? mine was salus, in Glasgow. Kind regards

I know you feel they twisted everything but please be careful how you word your replies in the Mandatory Reconsideration paperwork. Accusing them of getting it wrong will likely result in you getting nowhere. Phrase it more along the lines of the assessor misunderstood xzy and then write what you said. If you haven’t already submitted reports from friends/colleagues/relatives who know you well and can document how you manage/don’t manage on a daily basis then now is the time to get those support documents in place. All is not lost but you are on a time limit to get that MR in.

Dendarling in reply to Dinkie

Thank you Dinkie , I will be careful not to .

Yes I had a nurse and she lied on mine too and twisted things.ssidci could walk 20 metres when I cannot and can hardly get up and down stairs cos of agony I am in my doc didn't know how to help me as all fluid in legs and veins bulging.. they just don't give a crap

Having read some of the reply's already posted you have to remember that you are not alone. There are many sites like this that can help with the situation you find your self in. They are great as information is given that people would not necessarily think about because they don't do this on a regular basis.

The best thing to remember is to look at what people are saying about the assessment and the assessment process and remember that the final decision as to what you want to do lies with you.

I have to state that most when faced with the situation of trying to continue to fight for what you are entitled to, is daunting and is for most not a quick fix. But on the bright side you are here and you would have or been given an appointment for an assessment which because of the virus would have to be paper based or a Telephone interview, or you have already had your interview and may be waiting for the result.

1 Don't worry because the virus has done you a favour since I have been fighting for years to get ALL ASSESSMENTS RECORDED. As just before the lockdown I had the rules changed to offer the claimant this facility which I always recommended since on receipt of the report you can listen to the tape and the questions asked and compare them with your answers.

If you have not asked for a copy of the report then this is known as a Mandatory Reconsideration, which allows BOTH PARTIES to revisit the interview and if there is any thing that is incorrect in the report then you can list them once you have a hard copy either in the side columns like I do and then ring or send an E Mail as this is a record of when you sent this in or by recorded delivery letter which you can have signed for to state that they has received it the other end and then cannot state that they have not received it a it has a tracker number.

2. you can use word pad and list the questions you need answered and show in the request the part you don't agree with. It does take time but you do have one month to reply remembering they get 10 WEEK?

3. SPLIT THE REPORT INTO PAGE NUMBERS AND PARAGRAPHS. This allows you to answer the questions that are easy first and then save and go back say for questions that say, I did not receive any information about your walking so I took the answer from a previous report or statement you made.

You might have a letter or document from a Physio or GP or even a surgeon that says, Malcom X has had Bi-lateral knee replacements which took place in June 2008 and July 2009, while some benefit has improved his walking he has or never will fully recover and it was noted from an MRI scan that there was abnormal movement from his right knee joint after the operation.

4. All these support letters can then be cross referenced into a document and before you know it, IN YOUR OWN TIME, WHETHER IN 20 MINUTE BURSTS two or three times a day or when having a cup of tea you think I remember she said...….. and in finding that statement you hare filling in the gaps to give you a BIGGER PICTURE of YOU.

5. One or two big winners that people forget, is that all your information is stored on a central computer so that is you apply for the DWP to have access to your files for say U C which is 6 benefits into one payment they may ask questions that they already know the answers to since you have given permission to use this information by people hired or approved by the DWP or PIP's and the Chief Medical Officer hired to access, and that ITS NOT MEDICAL EXAMINATION since its an access to benefits only, so inorder to conduct a " Short Medical " whether on the phone or a Face 2 Face requires them when challenged to supply you with an APPROPIATE MEDICAL REGISTRATION NUMBER?

6. How many prior to the examination/interview have asked what they do for a living and have been told that they are physio's or Nurses or Adult Physio Analytical Nurse any title that involves a title must be registered on an appropriate register?

7. None of their reports will ever find their way into your Medical History and you need to ask why? Its because they use a title when they state that " All assessors are, MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS AND ARE REGISTERED ON AN APPROPIATE MEDICAL REGISTER AND WHEN CHALLANGED WILL SHOW THEIR I D NUMBER? your doctor or any one that treats you will gladly show you their I D since they wear them all the time and never take them off? If you have had a F 2 F did you see one? I doubt it.

So there you are there is the start of what to do next so start by opening a word pad doc and call it answer to report written 24th September 2020 and just add to it when you want.

Thank you so much, such a lot of valuable advice, really appreciate you taking the time and effort. 😋

We're increasingly hearing the same thing on here over & over. When will something be done about the blatant bull💩 they spout about us & when will they start reporting the honest truth...?😡 Their behaviour doesn't do anything for our stress levels or our depression... It's so wrong & needs to stop!!!

Standard practice. Outrageous but that is how they operate.

Please excuse my ignorance, and I hope this question doesn't add to anyone's stress, but may I ask what a health assessment report is? I am assuming it's to do with applying for benefits? I have not lived in the UK since 1980 and some things I have not heard of. I will add though, in the country where I live now, I had to apply for incapacity benefit back in 1998 due to various health issues, and it was not a pleasant experience, it took years to be believed, and the board members who interviewed me, were inhuman! I hope you all come through your assessments with positive results. Kind regards from me. 😊

Was the assessment for PIP? If it was my experience of my assessment from the report I received was a lot of lies and twisted I was awarded 0 points. I submitted an MR and provided the evidence again and this time I was awarded 10 points. I still appealed as I felt they had left out a couple of more points and the tribunal agreed and gave me enhanced daily living in which I agreed with.

Hi hun I had an assessment last year and they lied too I was so mad I'm sorry you had to go through that it's so stressful please take care hun xxxx

Mine was the same didn't represent what I had told the interviewer, who I have to say was pleasant and kind. Do a mandatory reconsideration. Go through every sentence and say why it is wrong. I don't usually get cross , but I felt like I could have slapped the person who wrote the assessment. I felt as if they were calling me a liar. Then I realised its not personal, its not right either. Good luck with reconsideration. X

Dendarling in reply to Freddie20

Same, mine was very nice too, seeing the funny side now, if u ever feel really bad about yourself and need a lift, apply pip, they will tell you how capable you are and can manage in any situation, they will give you a glowing report 😆😁🤣😂

Freddie20 in reply to Dendarling

That's hilarious. And so true. Xxx thanks for the giggle 😂😂😂

In taking PIP's to a Tribunal which was due in SIX DAYS they rang Monday to try to stop it going to court. All hey offered was standard rate mobility which I refused and said see you in court when explain the report written by "YOUR EXPERT " first line when challenged as to there qualifications was, QUOTE " I do not have any medical qualifications as I am a Trained Disability Analyst Nurse and do not have a registration number on an appropriate medical register as I do not practice as a nurse. " This goes against every thing that Capita and DWP/PIP's state since it states that ALL ASSESSORS ARE MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS. Mistake one. That they are registered on the appropriate medical register to be able to assess the claimant. Mistake two. That when challenged will show a VALID I D. Mistake three. Will when writing a report will show what is Medical fact and what is their opinion. Mistake four. Will show where they drew their conclusions from showing any medical documents or previous cases. Mistake five. Will sign a declaration at the start and end of the document known as a statement of truth like you sign saying that the information with in is your own and not influenced by the hirer ( DWP or PIP's ) and that they know the consequences should the court find fault in the report, and that it also allows the claimant to summons the writer with a view of compensation.

this only the start. as an offer after a one hour call changed from a standard mobility rate only to Enhanced rate Mobility and Enhanced Rate care component. They will offer you a carrot inorder to get you to except a lower offer. With that comes a four figure back pay payment that he was entitled to. this took 18 months to sort out but while this was on they paid the assessment rate.

Yes I noticed that it was just their opinion. If only Drs , Professional’s, medical experts could diagnose us over the phone, never having met us. It’s an insult

Hi all, just to let you know that I am a moderator on another site and because of the work I do have been subjected over the last 15 years to every thing that the DWP and their benefits system can through at me.

I cannot say that its all been plain sailing having had mobility and other issues which because of the site I was on git me through some really rough times.

That said and with the help of my union ( Unison/Unite ) I became a consultant to give back help to others who are just starting out on the rocky road to benefits and the assessment process.

In that time I have learnt the laws that the DWP use against people who are applying for benefits and have found that they offer even when wrong a low amount where people would except anything when you are receiving nothing or have been sanctioned with knowing why, it taking months to sort and expect people to rely on charity and food referrals to survive, and not knowing that Trussell will only give 3 food parcels per year which are only designed to last for 3 days?

I do see on here as the letters come in through my e mails and read every thing, but when have time due to commitments on the other site and working with MP's in Cardiff to turn around claimants ability to have easier access in form filling and to take the worry from people who suffer other issues that are hidden and do not take to interaction with people they don't know.

If some of my posts sound harsh or that they are long winded its because when every thing is explained and no grey areas, this is why the final decision is yours. I have won cases and the claimant when told to make a compensation claim have said no, so the case ends there.

My job is to make sure the law in both sides is used as I am not here to beat the system the DWP and Capita can do that, or so they think.

my comments are only a little in site as to what I do.

Hi Dendarling - I'm sorry your assessment report/decision letter has caused you to be upset; sadly that's often the case. How many points were you awarded for each component may I ask?

I wonder if you've looked at the activities/descriptors. Please see:

If you decide to do a Mandatory Reconsideration, you should put this in writing, & whilst you may wish to point out 1 or 2 really glaring 'inaccuracies,' you should give a couple of detailed examples about any difficulties you faced, at the time of your assessment, for each applicable descriptor. This should be for example, how was the activity difficult, why, what happened, & what were the consequences of doing/attempting the activity?

Also if you can't do an activity 'reliably' (safely, to an acceptable standard, if it takes you more than twice as long as someone without your problems, if you can't repeat it as often as you'd like) this should be included, as well as if it caused you any pain, which should also be taken into account. It's a detailed response about your functional difficulties that will help you gain the award you feel is correct.

You have one month from the date on a decision letter in which to apply. Make sure you put your name & National Insurance number on each page, & get a free Certificate of Posting when you send it off. Hope this helps.

There is a Guide that I found really good and it is published here

After three unsuccessful assessments I record all assessments now as it’s your word against there’s.

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