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Central page for info on coronavirus and fibro

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19/03/2020: A General version of the message previously posted on this forum has been put on our website and will be the main page where we update information about fibromyalgia and coronavirus. As new information comes to light it will be put there first and linked to from our communications on all channels.

We will expand it to have links or sections on distraction activities like keeping active and any benefits info for example as things progress.

It is available at fmauk.org/coronavirus - we will feature useful information that we find elsewhere if we can source where it came from and prove that it is accurate. This is a good mindset to be in and do not share any info from friends that know a doctor or someone else in authority unless it comes from a good source. Bad information does not help and panic does not help.

More info here about Covid discussion on this forum : healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

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I am a recovering Covid 19 sufferer. I have fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue. I am writing to you to say that Covid 19 was a very scary Virus as there are so many symptoms that run alongside Fibromyalgia. Fortunately I did not have a severe dose of Covid 19, but keeping that apart, two swab tests were taken - one on a Thursday 30 April, then again in hospital on Sunday, both were negative. It was not until I had a CT Scan did Covid 19 show - damage to my lungs. So hey guys with all our conditions there is a chance for us to get through this, ok so I have up and down days but prior to the Virus it was a struggle to get out of bed, I know - I was like that. Take heart we can get through this. God Bless, please pass this message round, thank you

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I am so pleased that you are ok, I must admit this virus scares me, as well as fibro I have arthritis and ashma and PPPD and I worry about getting it xx , keep safe xxx

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Canbedone in reply to kejusa

Me too,

Got it in March. No testing at all then and I had people calling me to help identify the symptoms. The Anosmia - loss of smell was a pointer and so to was the odd vision.

Not everybody gets that but it is a neurological effect - all the green in my vision went, contrast was diminished and everything had an outline. That all happened in week two and then recovered I am glad to say.

Oddly at that early stage I found that I was a supporter not supported - medical people just needed to know what it was like. Well the second word was painful and the first word was VERY.

The whole thing lasted five weeks but I have no lasting consequences except a positive one -that my immune systems seems to have calmed down a bit.

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