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Hi everyone,

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/CFS & already being Hypermobile and having osteorthritis.....I didn't know where to look for info on this chronic condition that I had never heard of !

Like everyone else here probably done I searched the internet and at that time could only find info from American sources, which someone has pointed out on here, they take a more serious clinical approach to it.

My doctor was unable to really tell me what was happening to my body, I discovered from an American forum a video from the 'Mayo clinic' I sent off for it as it's not available in this country and found it well worth the £15, it explains how the muscles are working against each other with every movement.......a result as far as I'm concerned, I didn't know why my body hurt so much I do now....'bonus'......there is advice on what is best to eat and yoga & meditation techniques.........I was sceptical but it has helped a little, I still have pain everyday, but some days it's a lot less, I eat lots of organic foods, I stopped drinking tap water as we all know it contains flouride & chloride/ine ? Like I say these changes are helping, and if I have processed food eg white bread I'll be sorer the next day.

I realise not everyone responds to the same things, whether it's medication or diet, but I can honestly say with this condition......I am willing to try anything to get my life back, and if my sharing this info helps someone else out there just a little bit like it has me, ..... I'm far from well, but I am a little better for these changes.

Gentle hugs peeps. X

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Hi nance, It's great that you found this info and really glad to hear that you can take advice and tips and makes you feel a little better.

However when I read Mayo Clinic.....I thought someone had completely lost it as was thinking of a mayonaise clinic......I think it is me that has lost the plot actually.....made me laugh though!!! xx


Lol......well that's Americans for you !

I just thought I'd mention, it might just help someone else a little bit too !


Lynn...Do it I Y.... is that where you drill through walls and hit the water pipe??? xx


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