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Hi all thought Id just share a positive moment.

Just dawned on me that Im on my third day of relitively little pain!

Have managed to catch up on all the washing and house work, each day expecting to suffer for it the next but so far so good :). I know it wont last much longer but Im off work for the rest of the week so would be nice if it holds out for a couple more days.

I cherish these days when I feel something close to normal, ok, normal for someone 20 years older, lol, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Heres wishing you all a little respite from your pain. xxx

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That's really brilliant Twiglet, really pleased for you. Long may it last.



Thanks folks, and my car just passed it MOT so alls good, lol.


Well, it's your lucky week lol :)


That sounds great. I had a few days last week and I went out and enjoyed myself while I could :d


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