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Hi Everyone


I joined this group a few months ago , never posted before, I was diagnosed a year ago November, need some advice on weight loss , I can’t stop losing weight I no for some it’s a problem gaining weight well I am the opposite I have lost 2 & half stone since September, I have had every test possible to see why but nothing , my consultant thinks it’s my body constantly fighting the pain burning up energy, has anyone else had this problem, I am eating like mad but there’s only so much you can eat , I am so skinny it’s horrible any advice appreciated , thanks .

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Hi hun- Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours) this sounds like you need referral to a dietician, I would say lucky you losing so much BUT thats not really the answer..On here we have a forum of NHS weightloss (and I am sure they can advise on weight gain too) just go to My HUB and clik on ,find Weightloss NHS and go there.. BUT you must ask G>p for referral to dietician. The you need pain management so that you dont go round in circles. your g.p should help there too.

Thankyou I will speak to my doctor.

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