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fatty liver disease


i was diagnosed with fatty liver and pancreas 2yrs ago. was told not to have alcohol EVER (!!!!) and to cut out fatty foods. i lost loads of weight (that i'd put on because of my struggling liver) within a couple of months. my liver is getting better. ive lost all the weight i'd put on plus more (but thats another story!) and feel alot less sluggish. hope this helps x

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Well done and so pleased to hear of your improvement. Long may it last :)


Thats great news hun, our liver will repair itself as long as its not abused..whatever you have changed over keep with that, losing weight is so hard especially fibro cfs and other arthritic complaints,, as part of a good diet cholesterol levels are imprtnat, did you know on the websight there is an nhs weight loss help forum too? go to My Hub and use drop down, its in there.


Thankyou for posting this, I think you have taking on board , to lose weight cut out alcohol not an easy task for many people , well done and like you say you feel less sluggish. Always good to read a positive post x

Pleased to read your good news.

Other than cutting out alcohol what other changes have you made to your diet and lifestyle which you feel have helped?

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