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How do I not make myself look like a wally


Hi everyone. I’ve put off applying for DLA/PIP as it is now for years due to not realising how/what my illnesses at the time were. 2005 I believe my Fibromyalgia started after a very bad case of bacterial tonsillitis and within days all my knee, elbow and hands were very swollen and sore couldn’t even hold a cup. Fast forward 14 years after many years of back, neck and joint pain I’ve now been diagnosed with Arthritis, bulging disc and sciatica. Also Fibro but like I say sometimes I don’t know where 1 illness starts and another finishes as the sometimes appear too take turns making my life miserable. I have had too change my job from a f/t contract too a variable hrs contract due too more bad days than good. I had an MRI scan August 2017 as rushed into hospital as the Drs thought I had a condition with my spine that effect my Bodily functions. Left hospital with liquid Morphine and codeine. Still in pain but with all the medications on board I didn’t care it kept the pain manageable too a certain extent. Back and Fibro have got worse since then so another MRI 3 months ago when bulging disc and hemangioblastoma(non cancerous) tumour inside a vertebrae.

Anxiety always been present but bluffed my way through life as best I can but it’s all stacked up and taken it’s toll.

I’ve always worked and I hate the thought of having too give it up. How can I get the assessment person too see me not see yet another person trying too blag through for benefits( not aimed at anyone just a saying)

I’m on 4 x 60mg a day. 30mg of Amitriptyline at night and paracetamol and anti inflammatory tablets. Finding work a task just too stay in employment through illnesses and the meds so tired zzzzzzz of it all

Any advice welcome but plz DONT have a go at me my sense of humor left the building lol


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Please see replies to mandian on same subject

Think its the post before yours

Need to get all your information on form at assessment thay are just really double checking and observing to see thay agree .

June1968 in reply to Rose54


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