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Hi there really nervous especially as this asks a question regarding poo. I ‘ve had really urgent runs for a year. It can be just after taking tablets,having something to eat or drink. Or just standing up. Most of the times I don’t know that I needed to go. I have pads but because I can’t feel my fingers and my mobility is really poor so things aren’t easy.

I keep getting infections.

I’m also stressed because it’s a year since my baby moved out . Terrible empty nest syndrome . She’s 25 and doing a PhD. My son doesn’t get my illnesses or doesn’t want to accept them has changed our routine. I don’t want to appear needy cos I am but he is a young man.

It could be the stress causing causing the runs I’ve been told I need a colonoscopy but have agoraphobia, panic attacks and anxiety.

Going to the loo over 25 times a day is not fun. Does anyone have any idea’s?


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Hi my mom had exactly the same problem constantly on the toilet and as soon as she ate something she would go it was terrible.she had a colonoscopy and everything was fine.In the end they realised it was something to do with the tablets she was taking 😳it eventually stopped always best to get checked out though as it could be a number of things,I hope you get sorted soon xxx

bonny12346 in reply to Miss13

Thank you so much for all your replies.x

Hi bonny12346 😊🌸🌿

Wow I feel sooo sorry for you. You need to get to the doctor and get this sorted out. One thing for sure you have to be dehydrated after going this much daily.

I understand about your agora and anxiety/stress problems because my brother has them. But what you’re suffering with sounds like nerve damage is involved. If you let something like this go on too long it can often times turn serious. Please go to the doctor soon. Best wishes to get it resolved.

😊🌸🌿🦋 🤗💕😘


Please go back to your GP and get this checked out If you have not done this

Worrying about it is only causing stress and that will have a effect on your body

It must be awful going that amount of times a day .

None of us are medically trained so see GP

Let us know outcome

You need to be seen by a specialist to rule out things like inflammatory bowel disease.

IBS doesnt show up on colonoscopy etc

Have your medications checked for side effects and insist on food intolerance testing if all else fails.

Taking my magnesium supplement in one dose gave me this issue as did a sudden onset of lactose intolerance, it comes with IBS the only way to stop it is to remove the cause of the irritation.


I think you should get it checked out at the drs but can understand this could cause you stress.

I had the same problem years ago and it turned out I had diverticulosis and when the pain got really bad I had a case of diverticulitis. However, that's never recurred.

I stopped eating gluten. For a month I ate only steamed vegetables, rice and hard boiled eggs ( as I'm vegetarian, you could substitute chicken)

Within 2 weeks I felt better but reverted to living in the bathroom as soon as I ate gluten. That was the main culprit.

You could try the elimination diet to see if that helps and if it does then start a really good probiotic. That has eliminated any IBS symptoms I've had since fibro hit.

I sympathise with you missing your daughter being at home but studying for a PhD is a huge achievement. She didn't do it all on her own ! Imagine the day of her next graduation and the pride you'll feel in being the mum of a Doctor.

They will offer you a mild sedative that will help no one will lie to you and say a colonoscopy is pleasant it's not but it doesn't take long and they give you a cupcake and biscuits in both south and West Yorkshire if they need biopsy it's sone at same time and you get to see your insides I know not for everyone but it's fascinating and distracting if your really anxious maybe they could but you to sleep it's a question to ask Hun xxxxxxxxxmake sure you ve eaten your regular diet though including all the food groups right up to fasting and the colon cleanser as they ll be checking for things like coeliac too which is only visible if you ve had wheat recently and maybe other food allergies whatever it is I hope it's sorted soon hunny xxxxxxx

Having something like this is so upsetting for you and the stress is not helping either, please do have a colonoscopy , it's not pleasant but with all these things thinking about it is usually worse than the actual thing, I had to have an internal. scan and worked myself up so much I made myself Ill but when I actually had it done there was nothing to it, but you'll be assured then what it is and how to treat it which which help with the stress, they will give you a sedative at the hospital, are you taking any meds for anxiety etc, have a chat with you're Dr about getting you to the hospital by maybe upping your anxiety meds for a little while, , I hope you get it sorted soon , take care

Hi bonny

Have you ever been tested for Celiac's Disease? Ask GP about this URGENTLY.

This also could be IBD : either Cotitis or Crohn's .

Apply to the hospital for copies of your Medical Records and find out what you've been tested for. Phone the hospital and ask for Medical Records department, they will probably ask you to fill in a form. Tell them about problems with fingers and ask if they can help. There should be no charge now and no lengthy waiting period since new regulations in May this year.

What medications are you on? Do any of the leaflets mention Diarrhoea as a side effect?

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