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Fibromyalgia vs Chronic Fatigue

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Can anyone help me with identifying the differences between Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Are they the same thing? Can you have both?

Thank You

17 Replies
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The NHS website is the place to start your search for information. It has sections about both illnesses as follows: and

There is some overlap between the symptoms. However the diagnostic criteria differ.

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They are very similar with the overriding aspect being pain for fibro and fatigue for cfs. I have both.

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According to my endocrinologist Fibromyalgia is a chronic fatigue disorder like ME but with the added bonus of pain thrown in.

I'm not entirely sure if my chronic fatigue causes my chronic pain or my chronic pain causes my chronic fatigue.

Chicken and egg comes to mind.

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Patdoyle in reply to Carlt

Yes I too have both and can’t distinguish what is causing which symptoms. All very strange

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i have had fibro for 3 years and have also been told I have CFS Too I struggle with lots of pain 😫 too . I too find it so hard to except 😒

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I'm sure I have both, sometimes its like someone has taken my batteries out, I have to get the adult children to finish cooking. They tease and say, yeah yeah that old chestnut, as I head for the sofa. They are so good.

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I can join this gang; I have had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue diagnosis 's and also can add Myalgic Encephalitis to the mix, I don't know one from the other either 🙋

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They are similar and you can have both. I have both. Yay for me! Drs seem to like CFS/ME more that FMS so it can be useful to get the second diagnosis. CFS is a pain to live with though. Fatigue is so random and disabling. Life was easier before it hit. I founds despite getting help for CFS. They had little idea how to help, but it was nice to be taken seriously and be listened to.

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I definitely have Fibromyalgia as I experience most of the wide range of symptoms either all of the time or spasmodically. Pain is a given and about a year and a half ago I started with nerve pain in one foot and Trigeminal Neuralgia over my lip. After various tests, scans, ultrasound, physio, shock therapy I have resorted to drugs. My foot pain is still grim but not excrutiating and I wear a splint around my lower teeth at night and when alone. It helps.

However, the Fatigue that comes with FM is constant - I am never without it and it is a feeling in my whole body which makes me need to sit down when not having to move and the fibro fog and disorientation is frequently with me plus I can't find words or substitute them and sound as if I have dimentia.

Both conditions therefore have the same basic symptoms but in my opinion FM has many many more and the pain overrides the fatigue at times. Chronic Fatigue may well be mainly fatigue but probably at a more debilitating level with very little of the horrible extras that come with FM like sensitivity to noise and light, itchy skin, etc. it is very true though that they are similar and are so often described together and with ME as well.

Wishing you strength and help from places like this site as you try and cope and manage as Doctors have no real idea and hardly even acknowledge any of these syndromes. Stay on here and take every bit of advice until you find what helps. Best wishes xx

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Stevejj in reply to Iceberg5241

Great response hun x

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I was getting unsure of the difference, esp. as I've got my pains down, but my fatigue's gone up, so thanks for the Q & A.

If we look at the bigger picture all of this and much more we all see not much more than a big misty area where docs and we ourselves try to find rough and makeshift divisions, but our Venn diagramm is extremely fuzzy and each of them, FMS, ME and CFS, autoimmune and so on may be made up of various other subdivisions fitting together in various ways over the divisions, which would explain why we have these many variations. Maybe it will all get clearer in 20 or 30 years... O.o

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Yes they are both connected I have both and suffering badly at the moment. But you will have times when it does get slightly better .Just remember on good days pace yourself or you will suffer later sending you big hug ❤

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Fizzwizz, fibromyalgia and CFS may find relief from a form of thiamine called TTFD such as Lipothiamine and fat soluble forms normally not found in B complex supplements that is effective in passing through the blood/brain barrier. The first link will identify forms of thiamine. Thiamine has a important role throughout your body and especially where the vagus nerve goes starting in your brain stem. Magnesium is needed to make thiamine bioactive. At the end of the eonutrition links are additional thiamine related articles. Always consult your health care professional before using any supplement.

Admin: Contact OP for links.

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Rainbowangel in reply to Pte82

HiCould I please have the link for yhe lipothiamine?



JayCeon profile image
JayCeon in reply to Rainbowangel

Hi Dawn: It's best if you click on Pte82's name/avatar and then on "message" top right and ask them that directly.

Pte82 hasn't been writing on this forum lately, but on other HealthUnlocked forums, so is still around. As they are no longer a member of this forum, they won't get this question of yours. But they will be able to see and answer a direct message of yours.

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Rainbowangel in reply to JayCeon

Thank you, I sourced some Benfotiamine to try after some research and finding it could be good for hypothyriod too, I appreciate your reply!

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JayCeon in reply to Rainbowangel

Thanks for answering. I wasn't actually aware of what they and you were on about, now I've realized that thiamine, TTFD, lipothiamine and benfotiamine are all forms of vitamin B1.... Always good to re-read things when we're more "awake" ;-).

Not an issue for me at the moment, I'm trying to get my head round if and how copper and retinol (vitamin A) can help iron increase oxygen in the cell mitochondria / ATP for energy, like Morley Robbins claims... Fatigue being my severest problem now. But I've tried so many supps in so many versions and doses, and spend 300€/m on the stuff that helps me most, I kinda don't believe anyone easily any more.... O.o

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