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I seem to have had fm for years, originally was diagnosed as arthritis, was finally diagnosed in 2002/3 with fm, given information leaflet and sent for accupuncture, made my health worse, each time something new reared its head i.e Virtigo I would be referred to relevant department, usually just to be given more meds..............Along the line a Dr suggested Autonomic Neauropathy as well as fm....

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only been out of bed for a couple of hours and im exhausted.


Hi Christine, Yes I have visited a Rheumatologist, years ago, No they are not investigating the Autonomic Neuropathy. Im just given meds and told.............'Its your Fibromyalgia'.......Got to the Whats the point phase....Ive done pain management, tens tabs, i'm rattling. I haven't had a good time since, well its that long ago I cant remember. I hate going to sleep, simply cause I am unable to move but I can hear everything going on around me, The only time I get relief is when I take a sleeping tablet. Its just crazy, my last visit to the doc was when I moved my left ankle to the left I get a excrutiating pain in my head, diagnosis trapped nerve...or my fibromyalgia.


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